Tuesday, August 31, 2010

By Request

It was a year ago August 24 when the younger of my two older sisters passed. It's been the four of us two older sisters and my younger brother, since our parents died within two years of each other way back in the 50s, so the loss of one of the four of us was a difficult event. You might think that early loss prepares you, but it really doesn't. On the day we thought she would be leaving, I was unable to get to where she and my other sister and my brother, and her family were holding vigil, so I wrote what came to me and sent it on, and they read it aloud at her bedside. My brother has asked me to post it here, in her memory and our ongoing and constant love.

Quiet Now

Be quiet for a moment.
My sister has but a few left
Here, with us.
It's the song of her soul
About to fly free.
I went to my garden and
Gathered a small bouquet.
My garden where
We sat and laughed.
When stars light the heavens,
They will be one richer
For our loss,
Their gain.
Such love and light,
All our gathered spirits,
Attend her, hold her,
Guide her safely home.
Quiet now.
My sister is passing.

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